In conformity with the Mandate of the illustrious princes, orders, and estates, professing the doctrine of the Gospel, we have read the articles of the Confession, exhibited to the Emperor in the assembly at Augsburg, and by the kindness of God, all the ministers who were present in the assembly at Smalcald, unanimously profess that they believe, and teach in their several churches, agreeably to the articles of the Confession and the Apology. They acknowledge also that they approve the Article concerning the Power and Primacy of the Pope, and concerning the Power and Jurisdiction of the Bishops, which article was exhibited to the princes in the assembly here at Smalcald. Accordingly they have subscribed their names.

I, Dr. John Bugenhagen, subscribe to the Articles of the Augsburg Confession, to the Apology, and to the Article concerning the Papacy, submitted to the princes at Smalcald.

And I, Dr. Urban Regius, superintendent of the churches in the dukedom of Luneburg, subscribe.

Nicholas Amsdorf of Magdeburg, subscribed.

George Spalatin of Aldenburg, subscribed.

I, Andrew Osiander, subscribe.

M. Vitus Dietrich of Naumburg, subscribed.

Stephen Agricola, minister at Chur, subscribed with his own hand.

John Draconites of Marburg, subscribed.

Conrad Feigenbotz subscribed unreservedly.

Martin Bucer.

I, Edward Schnepf, subscribe.

Paul Rhodius, minister in Stettin.

Gerard Oeniken, minister of the church in Minden.

Simon Schneweis, steward of Crailsheim.

Briccius of Northan, minister at Soest.

I, Pomeranus, again subscribe in the name of Mr. John Brentius, as he has instructed me.

Philip Melanchthon subscribed with his own hand.

Anthony Corvinus subscribed with his own hand, for himself and for Adam of Fulda.

John Schlaginhauffen subscribed with his own hand.

Mr. George Heltus of Forcheim.

Michael Coelius, minister at Mansfeld.

Peter Geltner, minister of the church at Frankfort.

Dionysius Melander subscribed.

Paul Fagius of Argau.

Wendal Faber, steward of Seburg in Mansfeld.

Conrad Otinger of Pfortzheim, chaplain of Ulirc, duke of Wirtemburg.

Boniface Wolfart, minister of the church at Augsburg.

John Aepin, superintendent of Hamburg, subscribed with his own hand.

The same did John Amsterdam of Bremen.

John Fontan, superintendent of lower Hesse, subscribed.

Frederic Myconius subscribed for himself and Justus Menius.

Ambrose Blaurer.

Again and again have I read the Confession and the Apology, submitted by the illustrious prince, elector of Saxony, and by other princes and estates of the Roman empire, to his Imperial Majesty at Augsburg. I have read also the Agreement on the Sacrament, composed at Wittemburg, with Dr. Bucer and others. I have read the articles by Dr. Martin Luther, our most venerable preceptor, written in the German language in the assembly at Smalcald, and a tract concerning the Papacy and the Power and Jurisdiction of Bishops. In my humble opinion, all these treatises accord with the sacred Scriptures and with the principles of the true and genuine catholic church. And though, amidst the great number of learned men now assembled at Smalcald, I acknowledge myself the least of all, yet because I am not allowed to await the adjournment of this assembly, I entreat you, most excellent Sir, Dr. John Bugenhagen, reverend father in Christ, to subscribe my name, should it be necessary, to all the works which I have mentioned above. For I testify by this my own handwriting, that I thus believe, profess, and shall ever teach through Jesus Christ our Lord. Done at Smalcald, Feb. 23, 1537.

John Brentius, Minister of Halle.


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